Online resource center to help you explore these key issues, and others, regarding your estate.

Practice Areas

Mr. Miller has many years of experience in designing and implementing a comprehensive variety of Trusts, Wills, and other estate planning documents, as well as settling estates in the most expedient and appropriate method. Further, he counsels and assists clients on becoming eligible for VA benefits and Medi-Cal.

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VA Pension/Aid & Attendance/Medi-Cal

Mr. Miller has been active in the area of VA Pension and Medi-Cal for well over a decade. He uses various specialized types of Trusts as well as non-trust strategies to gain eligibility for his clients and save the family money.

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Probate & Estate Administration

Mr. Miller has been settling estates (both simple and complex) for well over 40 years. The starting point is always to create a strategy to settle the estate in the most efficient manner possible with a minimum of taxes. Often times the strategy created allows the family to bypass Probate Court proceedings.

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Elder Law Articles

What to Do When Power of Attorney Resigns?

By merv,

Introduction Definitions Substitution Clause Conservatorship Health Care Surrogate Care Manager Mediation Dear Mr. Miller: Introduction:  I’ve been thinking. My Dad named my sister as his power of attorney both for financial and medical.  He did not name me, or anyone as a backup.  He really didn’t give a reason, just said that was what he  … Read more

Doubling the Parent-Child Property Tax Exclusion…

By merv,

Introduction A-B Trusts Explained Death Tax Goal Portability of Exemption A-B Trust Capital Gain Problem County Property Tax Double the Parent-Child Exclusion Conclusion Dear Mr. Miller: Introduction:  I hope you can help.  My husband and I have some large real estate holdings in the central valley of California.  We want to pass them on to  … Read more

Loved One Died: What Experts Do I Need?

By merv,

Introduction Use the Proper Expert Experts You Will Need Selecting an Attorney Tax Advisor CPA Enrolled Agent Registered Tax Preparer Financial Advisor Trust Companies & Banks Certified Financial Planner Dear Mr. Miller:  Introduction My husband just passed and I am worried—really worried.  Do we have money?  Yes, I think so.  The problem is, I really  … Read more

Workshop Schedule for Attorney Merwyn J. Miller, J.D.

By merv,

Workshop Schedule VA’s Best Kept Secret Workshops VA Webinar Times and Dates do sometimes change, so please check back often! The VA’s Best Kept Secret–Veterans Can Receive over $23,000 per year.  Call the Facility Now for Reservations! Space is limited! March 23, 2011 6pm @ Emeritus Escondido 1351 E. Washington Ave., Escondido, CA 760-741-3055 May  … Read more

 Workshop Schedule of MJ Miller Law Offices

By merv,

Dying with Dignity!  You can Retain Control…California’s new Right to Die Law Workshop–Do You Know the Hidden Traps to this Law?  When do You Qualify and When don’t You?   Click here for more information Click here for schedule Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home Workshops–Do You Know the VA’s & Medi-Cal’s Hidden Secrets  … Read more

VA Aid & Attendance & Medi-Cal Assessment FREE

By merv,

This document may come within the term “advertisement,” pursuant to Rule 7.3 of the Proposed California State Bar Rules of Prof Conduct. FREE VA Aid & Attendance &/Or Medi-Cal Long Term Care Benefit Assessment Don’t go broke in an Assisted Living Facility or with Private Duty Nursing!  The VA can pay over $24,000  per year.  … Read more

What Can a Home Equity Loan Do for You?

By merv,

What Can a Home Equity Loan Do for You? Introduction Long Term Care Use Features of Reverse Mortgages Misconceptions About Reverse Mortgages Qualifications and Amounts FTC Requirements What A Reverse Mortgage Specialist Can Do For You Introduction: For many seniors the equity in their home is their largest single asset, yet it is unavailable to  … Read more

Why Powers of Attorney Need to be Reviewed and Updated

By merv,

    Why Powers of Attorney Need to be Reviewed and Updated…. Why is it so important to have a Power of Attorney for Finances? Consider the following story: Bill, a widower, and his son Tom, were in Jack’s office (their attorney) last year. Bill had a house with a potential capital gain of $250,000 (difference between  … Read more

Table Of Contents Elder Law Newsletter

By merv,

Calilfornia Elder Law News Today Table of Contents QVap Trust:  Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too! Power of Attorney & the VA Can a Remarried Spouse Claim a Veterans Benefit?

Did I Receive What I Was Supposed to from Mom

By merv,

Did I Receive What I Was Supposed to From Mom? IntroductionThe Biggest Problem for Estates & The Solution You Will Not Receive Your Share of the Opening ValueAccountingReviewing the AccountingPurposes of the Accounting   IntroductionDear Mr. Miller: My Mom died last year. She was worth $950,000 more or less with her condo and her bank  … Read more

About Living Trusts

About Living Trusts is hosted by the Law Offices of Merwyn J. Miller, as your online resource center to help you explore these key issues, and others, regarding your estate.

Merwyn J. Miller, J.D.

  • Board Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law
  • Co-Author of legal text book and of “Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home
  • Teacher of law courses at public and private colleges
  • Continuing Education Instructor for attorneys
  • Columnist for largest regional newspaper in San Diego County and professional journals for 15 years, Contributing author to the book “In Your Service: The Veteran’s Friend”
  • Masters Degree in Financial Services - Estate Planning

I Lost a Good Friend!

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