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VA Aid & Attendance--How Can I Correctly Choose Help?
One can consult with various people. The choice can mean the difference between success and failure. What you need to know to protect yourself!
A Survival Guide for Those Left Behind: The Price of a Loved One’s Dying...
What do you do when you find your spouse expired on the floor?
Estate Planning: The Price of Organization...
This report will guide you through the questions surrounding getting your estate planning in order.

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Webinar:  Don't Go Broke In a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facililty!

Merwyn J. Miller, J.D.
191 Calle Magdalena, Ste 270
Encinitas, CA  92024

Telephone: 760-436-8832
Email: merv@aboutlivingtrusts.com

Instructions:  To avoid frustration, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!


Webinar Link:  Click here to watch the webinar now

Veterans and Widows Can Receive Up to $23,396 Per Year, Tax Free!   Do you qualify?  Learn how you can receive this government money to help pay for assisted living, skilled nursing, or in home care.  This presentation focuses on the VA's Pension Benefit and is substantially similar to our live workshop.  It is the VA's BEST KEPT SECRET!  This benefit is often referred to as the Aid & Attendance Benefit.  Its technical name is the non-service connected improved disability pension.

Downloading & Opening:  After you click on the link at the very bottom of the page, click on the "play" arrow to get the show started.

Open Full Screen: If you wish to make it "full screen" you will see an icon in the lower right of the player, just to the left of the volume button. 

Problems: If you have a problem with the audio or video PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE PERSON WHO REFERRED YOU TO THIS WEBPAGE. RATHER, CALL US DIRECTLY AT 760-436-8832 x2. If you cannot get this webinar to play, the key is not to get frustrated. Although we are not a tech support company, we may be able to suggest an alternative or two to resolve your difficulty, Just call us at 760-436-8832 x2. If no one is available, feel free to leave a message and we will typically get back to you within one business day.

Complimentary VA Pension Assessment: This webinar was recorded on Jan. 29, 2011, and is substantially similar to our live workshop.  (Here is our live workshop schedule.)  However, consider that laws do change from time to time. Further, this is a prerecorded webinar so you will not be able to ask any questions. However, at the end of the recording you will be invited to take advantage of our offer for a complimentary VA Pension Assessment.* During that assessment we will answer your questions.  Further, here's a link to our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Keep in mind that the VA Pension is often referred to as the Aid & Attendance benefit.  Its technical name is the  non-service connected improved disability pension.

About Merwyn J. Miller, J.D.  (Click here for Mr. Miller’s full bio.)

Where We Are Located: Merwyn J. Miller is an estate planning & elder law attorney with an active law office in Encinitas, San Diego County, California. (Encinitas is located in the north coastal area of San Diego County, half way between Del Mar and Oceanside. It is adjacent to the following communities: Cardiff, Carlsbad, Del Mar, La Costa, Leucadia, Oceanside, Rancho Santa Fe, San Marcos, Solana Beach, and Vista. (Click here for a map showing the location of Encinitas.)

Errata:  Click here for errata sheet.

Webinar Link:  Click here to watch the webinar now

*This service is generally limited to those with a California "connection." Typically that means the person(s) lives in California. We are located in San Diego County, California, and service San Diego County, South Orange County, and, through the magic of Skype, the rest of California.  We also offer consultation services to attorneys from around the country.